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Paul and Alice are partners in more than just Pet Grooming by Paul and Alice. Married in 1968, they just celebrated 40 years of marriage. In their free time, they enjoy relaxing on their pontoon boat at the local lake, movies and dining out. They take Lacie, "The Pink Poodle" to visit the area nursing homes and extended care facilities. She is also a hit with the children at their church Vacation Bible School.
Alice is Macon's award winning groomer, with both grooming and show ribbons to her credit. Talented and charming, Alice is easy to talk to about your dogs grooming needs. Alice is by far the best groomer Paul has ever seen. But he might be a little bias. Alice attends grooming seminars and trade shows each year to keep up with any new and exciting changes in the grooming world. Alice enjoys playing the piano and singing at church in her free time.

Paul met Alice at the local roller skating rink when they where both still very young. After a lengthly courtship, they where married in 1968. Paul was a Private in the USMC and money was very short. But as God would have it, Paul and Alice bought a toy poodle, they named Tammy. Tammy was purchased with $15.00 down and a $10.00 payment due every two weeks. Along with food, rent and utilities and now another bill, Paul got a part time job at the local grooming salon. After a 2 1/2 year apprenticeship, with Paul teaching Alice everything he learned, they moved back home to Macon. With borrowed money from family, Paul and Alice became business owners of Paul's Pet Palace and Grooming Salon in 1971. With over 70,000 groomings and over 30 years grooming experience, Paul and Alice are still happy "playing with the dogs" for a living.


3194 Pio Nono Ave (478) 781-0148

Home of "Lacie" the PINK Poodle

Pet Grooming by Paul & Alice is a locally owned and operated pet grooming shop. Conveniently located 4 blocks from two major I-75 exits (Eisenhower/US 80 or Pio Nono/Rocky Creek Rd) and a short distance from the Mall. We LOVE what we do and want to make our services special to you and your pet. We give personal one-on-one attention to each pet groomed and ask you to allow us ample time to do an exceptional job for you. We want to make each pet and pet owner proud of their looks and the condition they are in after their groom. We are not the least expensive nor the most expensive BUT our satisfied customers consider us the BEST for their pet grooming needs. We groom each and every pet personally. They understand we know what we are doing.

Alice is Middle Georgia’s Award Winning Dog Groomer. She placed 1st runner up in a national grooming competition with over 300 dog groomers in attendance. We have over 30 years each in pet grooming experience. We also attend national trade shows and expositions for the grooming industry to keep updated on the best products and services to offer. We have attended dog shows with our dogs and won many awards. We are allowed to live with Dante’ and Lacie, the Standard Poodles. They are treated like part of the family, so we understand and respond to the needs of your family pet like they were part of our family.

It all started in early 1969 with the purchase of "Tammy" a silver Toy Poodle puppy. Paul was a PFC in Uncle Sam’s USMC. Income at the time totaled $192.00 a month. Tammy cost a whopping $150.00. So, with $15 down and $10 a pay period she went home with us. We had not figured on the grooming cost each month. So, I started working part time at the local grooming salon and teaching Alice all I learned. We came back home to Macon in December 1971 and opened Paul‘s Pet Palace and Grooming Salon. The first day we groomed only one dog all day long. They gladly told their friends and then they told their friends. Word of mouth advertising at its best! Today, we have groomed over 70,000 pets during our grooming career.

During Check in: You will be asked to complete a sign-in sheet with your pets information. Please help us with any changes in phone #’s and addresses in the future. We check the condition of your pets coat and ask how we can be of service to your special friend. We offer a variety of styles and additional services.

While here your pet will have a wonderful grooming experience. At Pet Grooming by Paul & Alice, a tender touch and a stress free environment are our goals. Your pet is bathed with top of the line shampoos and conditioners. Fluff drying is done with modern low heat, high velocity dryers. Clipping is done with the clipper vac system, keeping the blades cool and sharp which adds to your pets comfort. Grooming services include: BRUSHING, CLIPPING, EARS CLEANED, NAILS CLIPPED, UP TO THREE BATHS, ANAL GLANDS EXPRESSED, FRESH WATER RINSED BETWEEN BATHS, CREAM RINSED, SKIN CONDITIONERS APPLIED, BLOW DRIED, BRUSHED, SCISSOR FINISHED, NAILS POLISHED, BOWS AND/OR BANDANA, COLOGNE.

We use top quality grooming equipment and grooming supplies to give your pet the best possible groom BECAUSE: your pet never combs it’s own hair, doesn’t bath every day, wears the same coat day and night, likes to play in the yard, gets knots and tangles, and still wants you to pet it.

Before you arrive: Your pet will be excited coming to be groomed; so please make sure that your pet has relieved itself before it leaves home. Please do not feed your pet before its grooming.

Our usual check in time is 8 AM to 10 AM , Tuesday through Saturday. If you need a special check in time, please request it when making your appointment. If you are going to be late, please call and let us know.

Unless you call, we will consider any pet that is not present for its appointment a "No Show" and will give the appointment to someone on our waiting list. Unless someone else is picking up your pet, we ask that you take its leash and collar with you. We are not responsible for misplaced leashes and collars.

Pets are never placed with other pets and are entertained with radio or Cable TV programming.

We are not veterinarians but we will try to watch for potential health concerns. We never diagnose, but will refer you to your veterinarian if needed.

Cancellation Policy:
If you see that you will have to cancel please try to give us at least 24 hours notice. In the case of an emergency cancellation please call as soon possible.

If you see that you will have to cancel please try to give us at least 24 hours notice. In the case of an emergency cancellation please call as soon possible.

Pick Up:
Our usual pick up times are between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. We don’t want you to have to wait should we be running late but it does happen. There are only the two of us so the more time you can give us to groom, the better job we can do for you. During peak season we do work past 6:00 PM and ask for your understanding.

So that we can accommodate you:

Please schedule your next appointment when you pick up your pet. This will save you time, and allow your pet to get the very best groom possible. We recommend most pets be professionally groomed at least monthly.

REMEMBER: We can do a BATH AND BRUSH OUT between grooming appointments.

Methods of payment: We accept cash and personal checks. Please note: We are a cash and carry shop. Please don’t ask if we can groom today and get paid later. We cannot accept either a Third Party, Hold Check, nor a Post Dated Check.

Regarding After Hours Pick Up: There will be an additional $25.00 charge for any pet left overnight.

We are not set up for boarding. Pets left overnight are not happy.

Ways to minimize grooming cost: Pre-book your monthly grooming appointment. Please, for your pet’s sake don’t let it go more than 6-8 weeks between groomings. Make sure that your pet is combed and brushed and free of tangles, mats, and parasites. The BEST brush for most pets is a Slicker Brush. Use it EVERY day. Make sure that pet relieved itself before coming.Make sure that pet is picked up during business hours and does not incur $25.00 additional overnight charge.

We appreciate Your Business and look forward to serving you and your pet!

Alice, Paul, Lacie, Gracie, Sidney and Blossom




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